When faced with the challenge of having to postpone her wedding date, Amber handled everything with grace. An intimate ceremony in the spring brought the opportunity for her to marry the love of her life without having to wait. We will be celebrating again later this year with all of their family and friends as originally intended.

The day started off like any other wedding day, getting dressed in the bridal suite and spending time with family.  The guest list may have been small but it was perfect, filled with so much love for this wonderful couple.

Amber beamed with happiness throughout the day and into the ceremony.  Jared was filled with excitement as he awaited his soon to be bride.  

The officiant reminded us that even though these are difficult times, this would not be the hardest part of their marriage.  There will be many challenges ahead, this was an opportunity for their love to become even stronger.  

Marriage is an important part of our culture and faith.  No matter how small or large of a celebration you have the most important part is the commitment you make to each other.