When The Office and Family Guy provide major musical choices for a wedding, you know we are going to love the bride and groom!!  Megan and Brad had a vision of a simple wedding where they could relax, have fun and enjoy their family and friends.  They couldn’t have done a better job of making this happen in a more gorgeous and personal way!

The ceremony was on a perfect September day. Guest were greeted by a welcoming lemonade stand by City Barbeque.  A warm color palette for the bridesmaids dresses complemented the incredible florals by Willow Floral Boutique.  The theme song of The Office played as they made their first walk together as husband and wife! 

The reception boasted more gorgeous floral centerpieces as well as a stunning dessert display from The Icing and the Cake.  Each guest was given an adorable individual Barbeque sauce as a favor thanking them for helping to “spice up our special day”.

The evening ended with an epic last dance to “Butter on a Poptart” from Family Guy, easily making it our favorite last dance of all time!!